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The Warranty Covered by STARCARZ.IN is a contract between STARCARZ.IN and the owner of the vehicle in accordance with the terms, and conditions and exclusions mentioned hereunder.This warranty does not have any surrender value and cannot be encased, STARCARZ.IN is liable to the customers subject to the limits indicated under this document. The terms and conditions of this warranty policy cannot be altered or amended by Andy person at STARCAR.IN. No one is allowed to make any verbal warranty on behalf of STARCARZ.IN.


ENGINE: Oil pump, drive crankshaft, bang end main bearing, connecting rod, gudgeon pin, piston, valves (excluding burnet and pitted valves),cylinder head gasket, water pin piston (failure due to external damage or corrosion is not covered), inlet and exhaust manifolds, flywheel and ring gear, Timing belts, gear and chains, valve gear, distributer drive, turbo, intercooler units(if factory fitted) MANUAL GEAR BOX: internal gear, shafts, synchromesh rings and hub, selector forks, bushes drive chains lever and bushes.


A) Warranty does not cover any parts covered other than parts listed above.
B) Warranty does not cover replacement of parts as a result of normal wear and tea, ageing.
C) Warranty will not apply to the parts or devices which were not designed and fitted with the vehicle originally such as LPG, CNG, Kit etc.
D) No Liablity will be accepted for any losses covered under accidental damage, any road hazard, fire earthquakes, bad weather or any acts of GOD.
E) Failure to maintain the odometer in working order or disconnecting or tampering with it will invalidate the warranty.
F) This warranty does not cover parts or assemblies that been assembled, disassembled workshop of that manufacturer.


Car should be serviced as per company policy from the company or authorizes company workshop. To obtain warranty claim, customer has provides bills of service done purchasing the car from STARCARZ.


STARCARZ'S Liablity under this warranty is depended upon the strict observance of the tearms and conditions of this warranty contract by the owner. STARCARZ reserves the right for the final decision in all warranty matter.